Research maybe PR lady? This happens at least once a week

  • Me: Answers phone
  • Excited voice PR lady: Hi Willem, I'd just like to flag somethign with you. Just about to send you and email to invite you to our new event coming up which.... *(I tuned out a little here, started continuing my work, waiting for her to breath so my accuracy is bit dodgy here) ... its about brands and how they can use branding to be awesome. Its at some place and we were wondering if you would be interested in coming.
  • Me: Uhhh.. sorry in what role is this in regards to. Is this related to me being the editor of Digital Media?
  • Excited voice PR lady: Umm, let me check, yes it is! We think your publication would be a great fit for this event!
  • Me: Well I haven't worked on that for nearly two years now, and the website just redirects to our sister brand.
  • No longer excited voice PR lady: Oh, well umm, sorry about that maybe we should take you off our lists.
  • Me: Yes thats probably a good idea.

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